Leave Behind Relationships That Hold You Back From Your Success in Under 14 Seconds

"Intuition Is The Highest Form Of
Intelligence"- Forbes

Why Do You Hang On to Bad Relationships?

The only goal your intuition has is to send you a number of signals that help you make the right decisions that help you live a life full of happiness and success.

But as you age, some people put you though a traumatic experience, others make judgmental statements that has you doubt yourself, you start to listen to the advice of others who don’t really care about what you want or you start to live life trying to prove others wrong.

Whatever the case, even though your intuition is sending you signals to move away from these relationships, you ignore them, wasting valuable time hanging onto these relationships and living your life through their values instead of your own, forcing you to make a number of decisions that hold you back from your success.

I created the Intuitionology project to stop this from happening to you, spending thousands of hours on research and interviews to find out that it takes under 14 seconds for your intuitive signals to tell you to leave behind the relationships that hold you back from moving your life forward so that you get back to making the decisions that lead to success in every area of your life.

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