Why I Started My Intuitionology Project

Sunil Godse has recognized the true power of intuition as trusting it has been directly responsible for his success, growing a number of startups to a combined $20 million in revenues, finding profitable solutions for consulting clients by helping them enhance their corporate culture and transforming the lives of his coaching clients by giving them a roadmap to personal and professional success.

Yet, when he reflected on those times he ignored his intuition, doing this led to three devastating consequences: wasting time in a career that was not meant for him, pursuing a consulting engagement for the wrong reasons and leaving him penniless and putting off meeting a good friend who desperately needed immediate advice resulting in her being shot and killed.

Wanting to find out why he ignored his intuition, he spent thousands of hours reviewing research and interviewing over 1,000 people to find out why they ignored their intuition which stunted their ability to reach their personal and professional goals.

The reason why people ignored their intuition is because they fail to recognize how complex their intuition and fail to recognize the subtle intuitive signals that are unique to them, and THIS is when they begin to make bad decisions, leading to wasted time and effort, and in some cases money, taking them away from attaining their goals so that they can take advantage of the opportunities that are meant for them.