Why I Started My Intuitionology Project

When I was just 5 year old, my father told me that I couldn’t have video games because they were too expensive, and yet, “something” told me to go door-to-door to raise money, and $200 later, I eventually got my video games.

But when I ignored these “somethings”, I wasted time in a
career not meant for me, lost all of my life savings because of a bad
client, and delayed meeting a good friend that resulted in her being shot and killed.

After spending thousands of hours on research and interviews, I discovered that these “somethings” were signals that my intuition was sending me, and realized that when I trusted my intuition, I made decisions that always led to success, but when I ignored it, I wasted so much time making one bad decision after another, and I needed to spread this message far and wide.

My Intuitionology project was created so that I can help as many people change the way they make decisions by helping them sharpen their intuition to find success in every area of their lives.

I hope you give me a chance to change yours.

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