I love listening to podcast or videos from some very inspirational people such as Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, JJ Virgin, Ed Mylett, Andy Frisella and Lewis Howes, to name a few.

A common theme that each one of these people talk about is being authentic in nature.
So, what does that mean?

The Merriam Webster dictionary shows the definition of “authentic” as being the following:

1a: worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact
1b: conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features
1c: made or done the same way as an original
2 : not false or imitation: REAL, ACTUAL
3: true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character

With us being social creatures, we all have friends, family, and colleagues that we have a relationship with.

If you have an authentic relationship with a number of people, then you should feel very comfortable sharing your feelings and opinions with others without needing to worry about hurting their feelings, especially if you are providing some insightful thoughts that will help their lives move forward, just like you would expect them to be when giving you advice.

What may happen from time to time is that you become so sensitive to the reaction that others may have to your advice, that you stop yourself from speaking your mind, even though you know that what you have to say will be very helpful to the other person.

This is a symptom of one of the four intuitive hurdles called “ego”.

When you let your ego get in the way of helping others, then you are no longer a true friend, just as you would expect the same from your friends if you were in a situation where you really needed advice. If you were going to do something that would end up in a bad situation, wouldn’t you want a true friend let you know that there may be trouble ahead?

An authentic friendship is a two-way street, and by you not being yourself, you are not helping others from getting into avoidable situations based on the advice and experience you have gone through.

To make sure that you are being authentic, you need to make sure that you listen to your intuition and speak your mind when the appropriate time comes. You may find that some will initially take offense to some strong advice that you provide, but in the end, they respect you for your opinion as it comes with experience and a healthy respect for the friendship.

However, if other people hold grudges over you because of your advice, then they are not being authentic, and you may need to distance yourself from them. That does not mean that you completely cut them out of your life. It simply means that you may not be spending as much time with them having deep conversations where honest thoughts are shared and debated.

In the end, when you live your life without an ego, you are very comfortable with who you are, and others value you sharing your thoughts, the same way you value the thoughts of others, especially in times of need.

So, be authentic!


To your intuitive success,

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