How many times have you stopped yourself from sharing your lifestyle, even though you are a proud member of the LGBTQ community?

Perhaps you lack a sense of self-confidence to share what make you REALLY feel free, or you are afraid of being judged.

I am here to tell you that this never has to happen to you again because of a tool buried deep in the subconscious area of your brain called your intuition.

Your intuition has only one goal, and that is to give you the courage and self-confidence to be proud of who you really are.

Your intuition helps you toss aside those who don’t support your lifestyle so that you only surround yourself with those who support you as a member of the LGBTQ community, but they are there for you in the ups AND downs in life.

Your intuition does this through things called intuitive signals that communicate with you in different ways, depending upon if you are making the right one, or if you are making the mistake of choosing the wrong decision.

The best way to experience the positive signals your intuition is sending you is to simply close your eyes and think of how happy you feel by just being you.

To sense the negative intuitive signals, think about those who you are scared to talk about your lifestyle with, and sense how this feels.

Once you start to recognize these signals, you will have a good sense of whether you are making a good decision, or you need to take a step back to avoid a bad one.

Case Study 1

Going through the process of initially being scared of telling people that he was gay is Daniel Pillai, TV Host and Media Personality, who didn’t share who he really was when he was young.

Yet, after he was able to finally trust his intuition, he finally felt free, and this is when his personal and professional life really took off.

Case Study 2

Trusting intuition was incredibly important for Sarah Smith, Award-Winning Singer and Songwriter, who needed to trust her intuition to break away from a band that she spent many years with to go solo.

This decision, guided by intuition, catapulted the success of her music career, winning a number of music awards and gaining a strong fan following around the world, all because she trusted her intuition.

Your Next Steps

Even though your intuition is always helping you with every decision, there are a number of times when you have ignored it.

All you have to do is you think back to those times when you made a bad decision, yet you absolutely knew what the right decision was.

Those were the times when you ignored your intuition.

During those times, your intuition would have started sending you a number of signals that start very subtle in nature, and because you ignored these subtle signals, they would start to get louder, until you can’t ignore them anymore, but by that time, you would have made a series of bad decisions that have put you on a path that you might have regretted being on.

One of the main reasons that you miss these intuitive signals is because your intuition is really complex, made up of four different types which come together to help you make the right decisions that will help give you the self-confidence to live a lifestyle of your choice free from judgment.

My Intuitionology project was started to help you with this exact problem where I have created a free course that helps you understand the complex nature of your intuition so that you never miss an intuitive signal again, and this helps you make every decision the right one, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Click on the link below to take my free course that will help you finally understand how your intuition works so that you continue to live a lifestyle on your own terms while surrounding yourself with those authentic friends and family whose only goals are to support you in every area of your life.


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