My next guest, Buddhist Monk Dr. Bhante Saranapala, is known as the urban Buddhist Monk, and is a guest I was eager to interview to see how intuition was seen from a Buddhist perspective, and how it played a role in his life.

His intuition led him to Buddhism at a young age, and has continued to help him make decisions that not only move his life forward, but he has been able to affect the lives of thousands of others through his teaching, speaking opportunities and outreach efforts.

Dr. Saranapala has been a monk in residence in Toronto, Canada for over 20 years, attracting a very supportive following, helping many find inner peace and winning a number of awards for his work.


  • 01:14 – Introduction

  • 02:03 – Bhante introduces himself

  • 02:23 – His definition of intuition

  • 03:27 – His signals when trusting intuition

  • 03:50 – His signals when ignoring intuition

  • 04:13 – Listening to his intuition that saved him from a bus accident

  • 05:10 – How his intuition had him move to Canada

  • 06:13 – The intuitive moment that had him want to become a Monk

  • 09:04 – His past experiences that affected his decision to become a Monk

  • 13:25 – His strong internal purpose that had him become a Monk

  • 15:25 – The biggest impact on people from his advice

  • 18:14 – Helping those in a professional environment

  • 20:43 – How his Buddhist Philosophy helped others have peace in their lives

  • 23:30 – How he explains “intuition connects us all” from a Buddhist perspective

  • 28:50 – Intuitively connecting with his mentor

  • 29:44 – His advice to the people listening to the podcast

  • 30:28 – Conclusion

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