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Over the past 25 years, I have had over 100 clients who have tapped my shoulder to help them find solutions to the difficult problems they were facing by teaching them how to sharpen their intuitive skills so that they can start to reach whatever goals they have set in their lives.

As a personal coach, I help remove the barriers that stop people from progressing so that they can start making the right decisions in any situation they find themselves in.

As a business coach, I show entrepreneurs and business executives how to not only leverage their intuitive abilities when making managerial decisions but to also tap into the intuitive capabilities of the employees to increase trust, enhance teamwork and increase productivity.

With extensive experience helping go from one extreme, such as experiencing suicidal ideation or facing business failure, to the other, which is ultimately finding success in personal or professional lives, who else would you trust in helping solve your problems?

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Business Coaching

A word from some clients I’ve helped with their business life.

Personal Coaching

A word from some clients I’ve helped with their personal life.