My guest, America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert Danette May ignored her intuition to marry someone who she was not meant to be with.

This ultimately led her to try to take her own life, but, fortunately, she survived.

Then, devastation hit when she went to the bank after her credit cards did not work only to find out that not only did she have seven bank accounts, but they were all drained of their funds, including her children’s savings account.

With no money and two children to feed, her intuition kicked into high gear, going from a zero bank balance to running an eight-figure business today.

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  • 0:01:40 – Introduction
  • 0:02:53 – Danette introduces herself
  • 0:03:32 – Definition of intuition

  • 0:05:14 – Intuitive signals when trusting intuition
  • 0:10:34 – Intuitive signals when ignoring intuition
  • 0:12:08 – The power of intuition in Danette’s life
  • 0:13:07 – Knowing that her husband was not the right one for her
  • 0:18:30 – The moment that she tried to cut her wrists with a knife
  • 0:20:15 – Losing her son had her wake up
  • 0:21:45 – Finding out that she was left with no money in the bank
  • 0:23:39 – A shift in energy after finding out she was broke
  • 0:25:24 – Placing in a world bikini competition with no experience
  • 0:30:36 – She went to a Shaman and was “visited” by the spirits
  • 0:40:24 – Intuition is a common phenomenon for us all
  • 0:42:20 – The four zones of genius
  • 0:45:36 – She cried after speaking to 1,200 women at a Rise event
  • 0:48:15 – Moving past fear by honoring intuition
  • 0:50:49 – Using intuition to filter relationships
  • 0:53:40 – Why people fall back into old patterns
  • 0:58:22 – How to get a hold of Danette
  • 0:58:49 – Conclusion

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