When I started my journey of trying to get a deep understanding of intuition, one of the things I wanted to really nail down was what its definition was.

I started looking at its origin and found out that the word “intuition” comes from the Latin verb intueri¬†which is translated into “consider” or from the late middle English word intuit, which means “to contemplate”.

The Miriam-Webster definition* is:

1: quick and ready insight
2a : immediate apprehension or cognition
b : knowledge or conviction gained by intuition
c : the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference

Certainly, both the origin and the definition of intuition made sense to me, but, I was still saddled with the question as to whether it was actually rooted in science, or it was energy-based, or spiritual in nature?

Graduating as a Civil Engineer gave me an appreciation of applying logic and rationality to a problem, which gave me an appreciation for a scientific explanation of intuition. Given this appreciation, I began reviewing a series of academic articles, and I found several of them that correlated intuition to certain parts of the brain.

Being of East-Indian descent, I also have an appreciation for astrology, and have had readings from astrologers in India, which gave me an appreciation of a spiritual or cosmic influence in my life. Because of this, I also believe that intuition is energy-based.

But I wanted to find out what others thought, and so, while interviewing over 1,000 people on how intuition had impacted their lives, I asked each and every one of them what they thought intuition was, and I was incredibly surprised: there was no real definition that everyone gravitated towards, and the definitions were either scientific in nature, energy-based, or a blend of both.

So, to get an understanding of both ends of this definitional spectrum, I interviewed two individuals whose opinions, I thought, best represented each end.

I also discovered that intuition is VERY complex, and it is specific to each person. What that means is that given a situation, your intuition will send signals that are very different than those that my intuition sends. What I also discovered is that people did not fully understand how their intuition worked, thinking that the one time they had a “gut feeling” was the time their intuition was working. Yet, when they were faced with another situation, their intuitive signal was different, and because of this, they missed the signal, ignoring their intuition, resulting in them getting into some VERY risky situations.

My Intuitionology project was started to help people get a deep understanding of how their intuition works so that they can recognize the signals intuition provides them with in whatever situation they find themselves in.

For those who had taken the steps to learn about their intuition through my online courses, the doors of opportunity started opening up for them, helping them make smarter decisions that led them to start living lives truly fulfilled, guided by intuition.

* https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/intuition

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