I Stopped a Hit and Run from Happening!

By |June 28th, 2017|

A few weeks ago, I was walking to a meeting when I witnessed a potential hit and run. In fact, had it not been for me stopping the offender from driving away, he might have gotten away without being caught.

What was significant about this incident is that I give full credit to my intuition for ensuring that I could witness the accident.

So, how did my intuition help?

Let me explain.

It was a sunny early afternoon and I was walking across a busy parking lot to get to a meeting. My headphones were on, listening to a Gary Vaynerchuk podcast, and I aimlessly looked around with no particular focus, looking at some people talking in the distance, others sitting on a bench eating, and, about 50 feet away, I glanced over at a gentleman in the driver’s seat of a minivan parked in a spot in a parking lot with his head popped out of his window, talking to a woman who was walking away from the minivan.

For some reason, I could instantly feel my intuition telling me to keep focusing on him. That is when time started to REALLY slow down, and my angle of vision became hyper focused, blocking anything else in my peripheral vision so that I could focus on him.

Then, as if in slow motion, I could see the gentleman continue to talk with his head popping slightly out of the driver’s side window and noticed his hand moving. Based on this motion, I knew that he was about to start the minivan.

At this exact moment, I remember thinking that if this gentleman began reversing the minivan while continuing to talk to the woman with his head out of the window, he would naturally have to reverse the minivan with the steering wheel turned to the left, as turning the wheel to the right would mean that he would have had to move his head back inside the minivan. The problem in doing this is that there was a car parked immediately to the right, and he would potentially hit this car if he was not careful.

Sure enough, that is EXACTLY what happened.

He continued to talk with his head out the window, turning the wheel to the left while reversing, and, I then heard his minivan scratch the other car, and started to walk towards the accident.

As I walked towards the accident, I noticed the gentleman quickly look back towards the area where the two cars collided, and then quickly looked out of his window with a worried look on his face, looking left and right with his body tilted forward.

My intuition was telling me that he was looking to flee the scene of the accident.

Sure enough, he put the minivan in drive and started to accelerate away from the other car, which is when I began to run towards him, yelling at him to stop and waving my arms to get his attention.

He finally saw me, and the look on his face was priceless: he got caught.

I then asked him why he was trying to drive away after hitting a car, and he started to nervously talk, trying to convince me that he did not know that he hit someone, it was probably a small scratch and that he was on his way to report it.

I did not buy it.

I then told him that he needed to write a note and put it on the windshield of the other car so that the other car owner could contact him. I took pictures of his insurance documents, driver’s license, the license plate of each car and the damage to both vehicles.

The gentleman placed a note on the windshield of the other car, but given the behavior he displayed, I was not convinced that he would be putting in any contact information. I walked over to see the note, and all it said was “Sorry for hitting your car”. I then told the gentleman that he had to write down his phone number so that he could be contacted.

I then told him that he had to take his minivan to the Police Reporting Centre to get looked at. The gentleman then left, and I then proceeded to report the incident to the security desk.

My intuition was instrumental in ensuring that my attention was drawn towards the possible hit and run, saving some headaches for the owner of the car that got hit. Not only did it slow time down for me, but it also picked up some body language clues that gave me some indication that the gentleman would try and take off.

Here is an audio podcast of the report I made to a member of the local security team:


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