Course: Integrating Intuition in Business

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When a large number of CEOs were asked about the importance of intuition in their decision-making, the research is absolutely clear: the success rate in business was 0ver 70% higher for those decisions made when using intuition.

Yet, management tends to sidestep intuition for a number of reasons which affects the effectiveness and performance of various business areas that are critical to the success of the business. Doing this not only slows down the growth of the overall business, but it may potentially begin to corrode the business from the inside out, and if this continues, the business will be quickly dwarfed by its competition.

You can begin to take the steps now to ensure that this does not happen to your business.

The INTEGRATING INTUITION IN BUSINESS course will show you how you can leverage your intuitive skills to ensure that you can continue to accelerate the success of your business.

This course will take you on an educational journey that will show you how your intuition plays a crucial role in four key areas of your business:

  • Using intuition to sharpen your leadership skills to ensure that your employees feel respected, leading to increased levels of satisfaction
  • Leveraging intuition to attract and retain talent to maximize productivity in every business unit
  • Relying on intuition to strengthen your culture to ensure that your employees are inspired in seeing your business succeed
  • Tapping intuition when scaling the business to make sure that you are successful in taking it to the next level

Once you complete this course, you will be able to make smarter decisions in your business, leading to a more efficient business model, higher profitability and a smoother platform for accelerated expansion.

Begin transforming your business today by taking this course so that you can ensure that your business succeeds in every area from the employee to the customer.

“The Intuitionology course played an instrumental part when dealing with clients and has been an important part in the growth of my business.”

Kay Habib, Owner of Skill Decor Interior Decorating

“The growth and success of my business is due to refining my intuitive skills which is a direct result of taking the Intuitionology courses.”

Rick Spencer, Real Estate Professional

Course Outline: Integration Intuition in Business


Leadership is a Verb
David Dame
Digital Agile Specialist

Establish a Team Mentality
Mike Pelino
Gold Medal & Former NHL Assistant Hockey Coach

Communicate Your Vision Effectively
Steve Groves
CIO of GoodLife Fitness

Human Resources

Be Prepared to Fire
Meg Sethi
President of Evolution PR

Stick to Your Cultural Values
Bruse Croxon
Canadian Business Magnate & Television Personality

Don’t Get Too Emotionally Involved
Rick Spencer
Former President of Spencer Steel Ltd.

Corporate Culture

Don’t Single Out Heroes
Larry Kinlin
Insurance Professional

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Lindsay Adamson
Owner of The Lifestyle Millionaire

Flatten Your Organization
David Williams
CEO of Fishbowl Inventory


Step Away from the Business
Ron Tite
Founder of The Tite Group

Don’t Rely Solely on Data
John Rothschild
Executive Vice-Chairman of Cara Operations Ltd.

Take Calculated Risks
Duane Marino
Author & Sales Trainer

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