When starting my Intuitionology problem, I had interviewed over 1,000 people, and it was clear that when they trusted their intuition, they were able to get out of some really tough situations, and when they ignored their intuition, they found themselves facing some difficult situations, which could have been avoided.

But, there was the odd person who questioned intuition, telling me that it had gotten him or her to make a decision that resulted in a bad situation.

That did not make sense to me, and after initially listening to their stories, I started to ask some more questions that would tease out some of the details of these negative events supposedly triggered by intuition because I needed to have a very deep understanding of why intuition led them down that “wrong” path.

What I discovered was that it wasn’t intuition that led them down the wrong path.

What had ACTUALLY happened in those circumstances is that they fell prey to one of the four intuitive hurdles that prevents them from tapping into their intuition: fear of failure, being too emotional, ego and begin too rational.

The only responsibility that these hurdles have is to get you to miss the intuitive signals that forces you to make a bad decision.

And as you continue to ignore your intuition, your intuitive signals start to change and get louder, until you are no longer able to ignore them anymore, and THIS is when you start to listen to your intuition, but by that time, you have already made a series of bad decisions that put you in situations that are less than ideal.

The strong intuitive signals will continue until you get out of the situation to put you on the path to success, but the effects of the hurdles have gotten you to waste a significant amount of time, effort, and in some case, money in the process.

The only way to get out of this situation is to make sure that you spend the time to recognize even the slightest of intuitive signals so that, when you recognize them, you can make an immediate decision that will help you avoid bad situations entirely.

Intuition will always be your friend.


To your intuitive success,

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