When interviewing people on their intuitive experiences, it was very clear that when they trusted their intuition, they were able to get out of some really tough situations, and when they ignored their intuition, they found themselves facing some difficult situations, which could have been avoided.

There was the odd person who recounted a bad situation which they had experienced as a result of trusting their intuition.

Given my research as well as my own experience, that did not make sense to me, unless intuition had them go through that situation so that their experiences would be used as fuel for intuition when it came to making later decisions.

After initially listening to their stories, I started to ask some more questions that would tease out some of the details of these negative events triggered by intuition because I needed to have a very deep understanding of why intuition was leading them down the wrong path.

What I discovered was that it wasn’t intuition that led them down the wrong path. It was one of three problems that people had gone through that resulted in the bad situation.

The first problem was that some of the people actually for one of the four intuitive hurdles that prevents them from tapping into their intuition: fear of failure, being too emotional, ego and begin too rational.

The second problem was that some of them missed some of the internal or external markers that intuition was signaling them to notice. In some cases, the signals were repeated with higher intensity, and in other cases, other intuitive signals were present. Yet, these were ignored.

The last problem was that intuition was actually there, markers and all, and they chose to ignore them. Perhaps they were upset that they had ignored their intuition or they simply did not want to “look bad” when being interviewed. As they became comfortable with being interviewed by me, a review of the events revealed these situations.

So, when you think that intuition is leading you down the wrong path, you are facing one of the three problems described above (or a combination of them).

If this happens, your intuition does not simply go away, leaving you to fend for yourself with no guidance. Intuition is still very much front and center when helping you during these times, listening and learning to the experiences all around you while helping you make the right decisions to find a way out of that difficult circumstance so that you can begin to move your life forward again.

Intuition will always be your friend.


To your intuitive success,

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