When you think back to those times when you faced with a certain decision, and you INSTANTLY knew what the right decision is, this is you intuition working at its finest!

I distinctly remember those times when my intuition “spoke” to me, with the first time being when I was five years old.

When I was five, I wanted to buy some video games, but my father told me that they were too expensive.

It was at that time when I heard this voice talk to me, telling me that I needed to go door to door to raise money for the video games.

And that is exactly what I did.

I raised $200, which $100 went to charity and the other $100 went to my father to buy the video games.

Intuition has also been responsible for my early entrepreneurial success where I earned over $20 million in revenues spread over a number of businesses, and my consulting business was also very successful.

My interest in intuition actually came after I published my first book, Fail Fast. Succeed Faster., and after going through the close to 300 interviews I conducted for the book, what I found was that over 90% of them had said was that the reason they had experienced failure was because they had ignored their intuition.
And like those who I had interviewed, I had also ignored my intuition to make a series of bad decisions that resulted in personal and professional failures.

This when my intuition was telling me that I needed to write a book about intuition called GUT! because I REALLY needed to understand why people ignore their intuition.

I spent 10,000 hours on research and interviewed over 1,000 people to find out that your intuition is INCREDIBLY complex, made up of four different types (creative, situational, experiential and relational intuition), and like a bolt of lighting, these four types of intuition come together to help you make the right decision at the right time in any situation you find yourself in.

Intuition IS simple – it always lets you know what the best decision to make is at that moment in time given the situation you are facing.

So, even though your intuition acts in an instant in time, it goes through a VERY COMPLEX set of processes to get to that decision.

The other thing I discovered is that the reason that you ignore your intuition is because you simply don’t understand how complex your intuition is, and this is is when you ignore a unique set of signals that are telling you what the right decision is to make.

And THIS is when you start to make a series of bad decisions that put you in situations that you end up regretting.

My Intuitionology project was born to not only educate people, like yourself, on just how complex your intuition is so that you never miss the intuitive signals that are unique to you.

To your intuitive success,

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