My next guest, business coach, high performance expert and best-selling author Jill McAbe was a successful restauranteur, selling it to move on in her professional life.

The success she had came with a dose of ego, and even though she was “busy”, her intuition was telling her that she was not living a life in line with her purpose.

But her ego shut her intuition out, and things got bad to worse by feeling very unfulfilled, getting involved in a caustic relationship and ultimately ending up in a devastating car accident.

She quickly racked up 6 figures of medical debt, her partner was draining whatever money she was making and she even thought about her ending up on the streets sleeping under a bridge.

But her intuition never left her side, and helped her align with her true purpose, and this is when her personal and professional life took a turn in the right direction.

Once she was aligned with her purpose, she started helping others to do the same, thanks to her intuition.


  • 1:30 – Introduction

  • 8:45 – Jill introduces herself

  • 9:45 – Her definition of intuition

  • 11:26 – The signals when she is trusting intuition

  • 12:40 – Jill’s Physical indicator

  • 14:45 – The signals when she is ignoring intuition

  • 17:42 – Intuition when she was young

  • 19:09 – How intuition changed her

  • 21:30 – How her research led to helping others with their purpose

  • 24:53 – Accepting her purpose

  • 28:30 – Making a decision from a place of knowing

  • 29:30 – When she finally accepted her purpose

  • 32:30 – One of her biggest failures

  • 34:19 – Her opinion on how intuition plays a role

  • 35:07 – Using her intuition to help others

  • 37:55 – Time plays a big role

  • 40:41 – Intuition works before you make an action

  • 43:30 – The balance between head and heart

  • 45:25 – How she focusses on a client’s past

  • 48:25 – Shifting to extrinsic motivation

  • 50:40 – Getting rid of bad relationships

  • 54:05 – Advice she gives to people wanting change

  • 58:28 – Appreciating intuition

  • 1:00:05 – Her Biggest Failure

  • 1:02:23 – Conclusion

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