If you ever wondered what makes military personnel successful, it takes intense training, stamina, grit, and…intuition!

In an article in Time magazine, author Annie Jacobsen explains that “the Office of Naval Research embarked on a four-year, $3.85 million research program to explore the phenomena it calls premonition and intuition, or “Spidey sense,” for sailors and Marines.”

If you think about it, in the theatre of war, military personnel need to train heavily to be prepared for every scenario, but, realistically, it is impossible to try and capture EVERY possibility, using Staff Sergeant Martin Richburg’s intuition which prevented carnage in an improvised explosive device as an example.

There are four types of intuition that all work together at the same time to guide you to the right decision you need to make:

  1. Creative Intuition – this intuitive type gives you the ability to think of a novel solution
  2. Situational Intuition – this intuitive type assesses the situation around you and picks up on clues to inform your decision
  3. Relational Intuition – this intuitive type “reads” people by assessing facial expressions or twitches as well as assessing tone, context, and language
  4. Experiential Intuition – this intuitive type leverages your past learning and experience relevant to the situation you find yourself in

All these intuitive types work in an instant in time to help inform the decision, and in Staff Sergeant Martin Richburg’s case, it saved lives.

Despite having this intuitive ability, we all seem to ignore our intuition at times as we fall prey to the hurdles that prevent us from leveraging it to help move out life forward.

This does not have to happen again. When you understand the complexities of how your intuition works and understand how it “speaks” to you, you start making smarter decisions that will help you live a life happy and fulfilled.

Start here to start your educational journey in really dissecting your intuition so that you can make the right decisions each and every time. For military personnel, it is a matter of life or death. it could be the same for you.

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