Course: Leveraging Intuition in Entrepreneurship

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The dark reality of anyone thinking about starting a business is that over 90% of start-up ventures fail within the first two years, which begs the question – why makes the other 10% so successful?

When you ask those entrepreneurs what the reason was for their success, the answer is absolutely clear – it is using their intuition when making decisions.

Leveraging your intuition at every step in your entrepreneurial journey is crucial to see you succeed in every aspect of your start-up venture, and the LEVERAGING INTUITION IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP course will show you how you can apply your intuitive skills to ensure that your venture really takes off.

This course will take you on an educational journey that will show you how your intuition plays a crucial role in four key areas of your venture:

  • Understanding how intuition prepares you for the entrepreneurial journey you are about to face
  • Using intuition to integrate essential characteristics into your product or services to truly be a differentiator in the market
  • Relying on intuition to help ensure that your venture runs smoothly right from the start
  • Tapping intuition to scale your venture and successfully take it to the next level

Once you complete this course, not only will you be able to make smarter entrepreneurial decisions, but you will also be a part of the exclusive “10%” group of entrepreneurs that are able to leverage their intuition to ensure that their ventures succeed, quickly gaining market share as their revenues continue to climb year after year.

Begin transforming your entrepreneurial venture today by taking this course so that you can ensure that your entrepreneurial venture only sees success from concept all the way to expansion.

“I stopped making bad business decisions after taking the Intuitionology courses, and this has greatly accelerated the success of my ventures.”

Brandon Vydelingum, Serial Entrepreneur

“Taking the Intuitionology courses have had a direct impact on the success of my business, and I continue to grow my profits to this day by implementing the learning I gained.”

Patricia Turner, Registered Massage Therapist

Course Outline: Leveraging Intuition in Entrepreneurship

Starting the Entrepreneurial Journey

The Stark Reality of Entrepreneurship
Alyssa Jarvis
Real Estate Professional

Don’t Follow the Money
Chris Dyson
Serial Entrepreneur

Understand the Sacrifices
Jacqui Childs
International Model

Being a Differentiator

Be Unpopular
Karl Wolf
Award Winning Platinum Selling Artist & Producer

Be Unique
Pav Sagoo
Architectural Designer

Stand Out From the Crowd
Mario Francella
Regional Sales Manager

Running Your Venture

Making Tough Decisions
Sarah Smith
Award Winning Singer & Songwriter

Treat Customers Like a Franchise
Desaree Brisson
Project Coordinator

Picking the Right Partners
Melanie McGregor
Serial Entrepreneur

Scaling Your Venture

Finding Mentors
Lorenzo Escobal
Owner of Inception Auto Detailing

Know When to Expand
Michel Neray
Founder of Momondays

Growing Too Fast
Marnie Grundman
Former Retail Store Owner

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