Quincy Jones Uses Intuition to Discover Michael Jackson

By |June 6th, 2017|

Quincy Jones has clearly had an excellent career as a music producer, among the MANY roles he has had.

In discovering Michael Jackson, he had a keen eye on the potential talent Michael had, and his intuition needed to be bang on to let him know that Michael Jackson had the right mix of skills to work with Quincy to create a winning album.

And that album, Thriller, has broken many records along the way.

Given that Quincy is bombarded with requests from musical artists to help their careers, his intuition had to instantly give him a signal that would identify a musical “diamond in the rough”, who, when paired with Quincy’s talent, would result in the creation of award-winning music.

But just identifying the talent is not enough. His intuition also lets him know if Quincy is able to work with that artist to produce the final product, and if so, then the work begins.

In Michael’s case, as Quincy explains in this video, after making 800 songs, he had to drastically shrink this number down to 9 songs, and finally replace 4 of those songs with 4 others, which, when completed, turned into the award-winning Thriller album.

This is where the complexity of intuition comes in. Although intuition provides a lightning fast message to Quincy, and for you and I as well, it also takes into account past experiences and learning, both formal and informal, and is able to assess a person’s abilities before it gives you that decision.

Once that happens, intuition “nudges” you to let you know that it is there, or you may have certain markers, called internal and external markers, which let you know that either the decision you are making is the right one because it is guided by intuition, or that you are making the wrong one because you are ignoring it.

Trusting your intuition will always help you take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of you, and, like Quincy, when you act on those opportunities, you will find that you begin to live a successful life.

What else is life about?

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