One of the areas that intuition draws its knowledge from when helping you make a decision is your past education.

Yet, a very small percentage of people actually find employment in the field that they study for.

A 2013 report by the Washington Post states that just over 27% of people found employment directly related to their career, and this statistic is further supported by another 2013 study conducted by CareerBuilder which showed that only 32% found work related to the degree they graduated in.

Now, this does not mean that the education you take is not valuable.

Going for further education helps increase your knowledge base in addition to helping you meet a certain standard for employers looking to hire.

Since intuition partly relies on education to help with a decision it needs to make, given the low percentage of finding employment in the field you study, which would have given you tremendous related skills, it needs to rely on the street smarts you accumulate.

What are street smarts?

Official definitions that you can find on the internet mention the awareness of how to survive any situation, or overcoming the potential dangers or difficulties in life, for example. But I find this too broad.

The definition I want you to embrace is more along the lines of using the informal experiences you gain on a daily basis that help you in making decisions.

These are experiences that you gain OUTSIDE your education by learning the outcomes from events like interacting with people, handling certain situations and other such experiences.

There are going to be times when you encounter hurdles or failures when going through these experiences, and it is the learning gained from these difficult situations, or “hard knocks” that helps inform your intuition.

So, your intuition relies on both the formal schooling you go through as well as the school of hard knocks to make sure that the best decision you make takes into account these experiences.

The beauty of intuition is that EVERY type of educational experience you go through matters, with a decision made in a split second in time.

That is how powerful your intuition is.

Can you imagine what your life will be like if you became an expert in your intuitive skills, guiding every decision with incredible precision?

I can.

When you take my free course, or step up your intuitive game and make the investment in yourself with one of my premium courses, you WILL be happy and successful.

The decision is yours.


To your intuitive success,

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