Course: Unleashing Intuition in Your Personal Life

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How many times have you looked back and realized that you had made a bad decision in your personal life, knowing full well what the right decision was?

This is the EXACT moment that you ignored your intuition.

When you make such bad decisions, you may be very lucky that nothing happens, but in other cases, the ramifications of making this decision could be devastating.

Why do you want to roll a dice and hope that nothing happens when it comes to your personal life?

You never have to face this uncertainty again.

The UNLEASHING INTUITION IN YOUR PERSONAL LIFE course will show you how you can leverage your intuitive skills in key areas of your personal life to ensure that you always make the right intuitive decision in any situation you face.

This course will take you on an educational journey that will show you how your intuition plays a crucial role in four key areas of your personal life:

  • Using intuition to find a relationship with that one person meant for you
  • Leveraging intuition to help you overcome any difficult situation
  • Relying on intuition to live a healthier life
  • Tapping intuition to discover the career that is meant for you

Once you complete this course, you will be able to make smarter decisions in your personal life, ensuring that you live your life truly happy and fulfilled. Isn’t that what life is all about?

Begin transforming your personal life today by taking this course so that you can ensure that your life is full of happiness and success.

“I am so grateful for the Intuitionology courses as they have helped me overcome life-long fears so that I can confidently continue to deliver my message on brining awareness to overcoming mental illness and addiction.”

Paulie O'Byrne, Mental Health Advocate

“The Intuitionology courses have been instrumental in helping me achieve success in my personal life by accessing certain tools and techniques while learning from the experiences of others who share their stories in the courses.”

Gillian Mandich, Happiness Researcher

Course Outline: Unleashing Intuition in Your Personal Life

Being in the Right Relationship

Learn How to Let Go
Keisha Markle
Administrative Professional

Attract Authentic People
Maddison Lynn
International Model

Stick to Your Values
Gillian Mandich
Happiness Researcher

Be Bold and Take Action
Marnie Kay
Serial Entrepreneur

Overcome Difficult Situations

Change Your Focus
Melyssa Moniz
Business Coach

Force Out the Bad Thoughts
Tatiana Venao
Owner of Venao Swimwear

Reignite Your Self-Confidence
Daniel Pillai
Arts & Entertainment Journalist

Take Action
Sabrina Pierson
Television Personality

Live a Healthier

Believe in Yourself
Elizabeth April
Psychic Channeler

Changing Habits
Samantha Skelly
Founder of Hungry for Happiness

Listen to Your Body
Keith Brown

Healthy Mind = Healthy Life
Karla Gillis
Lifestyle Coach

Discover the Career Meant For You

Find Your True Calling
Mandy Bo
Country Music Artist

Don’t Fall Prey to Expectations
Bobby Umar
Professional Speaker

A Lonely Road
Ryan Joseph
Professional Artist

Always Keep Growing
Sugith Varughese
Writer & Actor

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