When John Rothschild, Executive Vice-Chairman of Cara Operations Ltd., had given me time to do an interview on intuition, I was incredibly ecstatic as not only did I get time with a business guru, but he gave me time despite his incredibly busy schedule.

When I was setting up my equipment for the interview, we started talking about intuition, and it became quite apparent that he had a bit of trouble wrapping his head around the topic, especially given the data-driven decision-making methods he was used to.

In fact, he told me that he wished he had the benefit of “intuition” that others had.

It was at this point that he might not have understood how complex intuition really is.

I simply asked him if there was a time that he had made a decision where he absolutely knew was the right one to make even though others thought he was crazy, and he had one example to share, as this was when his intuition was at play.

So, I told him to share this experience, and we started the interview, eventually getting to the story when he traded an extravagant life full of high-end restaurants, private planes, and limousines to start the almost-bankrupt East Side Mario’s restaurant, tuning this single location into a North American behemoth with over 1,000 locations, multiple brands and revenues of over $2 billion over a 20 year period.

John always leveraged his previous experience when making current business decisions, and yet, he could not explain why he was so comfortable leaving a very lucrative career to enter the very risky restaurant industry until I explained to him about the complexity of intuition.

There is a part of intuition that absolutely relies on past experience when it helps you make a decision. In John’s case, he was able to see a restaurant that would survive if the operations were cleaned up, a set of standard policies and procedures for operations were put in place, a set of operational benchmarks were put in place and hand-picked franchise owners selected to ensure that this one restaurant would flourish into a chain of standardized restaurants.

This knowledge would have come from his experience as an investment banker where he was able to oversee and advise a number of businesses in various industries.

Similarly, you would have your own set of experiences that you move through that your intuition draws from to help guide you when you are making any decision.

Remember that when you are born, you have close to 90 billion neurons that are firing at close to 200 times a second, soaking up a ton of experiences around you.

Even more particular about these experiences is that they are relevant to you. What that means is that these are experiences that you take notice of, or are interested in.

For example, let’s say you and I are walking beside each other on a busy street. As we walk, I may notice an older lady having difficulty walking across the road while at the same time, you may notice two children playing a game of tag right beside the older woman.

Even though both of these experiences were roughly the same direction that you and I were looking at, for some reason, I noticed one thing and you noticed another, and this is even MORE specific when we think about all of the events or experiences each one of our five senses pick up on, those being what we see, hear, smell, touch and feel.

We also may be sharing our own individual experiences with each other, and this is yet another type of experience that your intuition may pick up on, that being the experience of others.

So, when you come to a point where a decision needs to be made, your intuition will reach into your memory banks to pull out past experiences that you had, as well as experiences of others that you noticed or were shared with you, each of which has to be relevant to the decision that needs to be made.

Even if you make a decision that seems to be so different from what you normally make, if you know this is the right decision to be made, then you should have the confidence that this decision is just not random in nature with intuition giving you a green signal to move ahead.

Just ask John!


To your intuitive success,

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