Finding your soulmate is incredibly hard. If you think about the past relationships that went wrong, there could be a number of questions swirling around your thoughts as you take the time to reflect on what happened:

  • How much time did it take you before you “let go”?
  • When did you first notice the signs of trouble?
  • Why could you have not picked up on the signs from the start?

And, I am sure there are much more than just these three questions.

After the honeymoon stage, where “everyone” is on their best behavior, the true qualities of a person begin to show, and this may be a time when you actively see some of the inconsistencies between what you thought the other person was like, and what the reality turns out to be.

Surprisingly, your intuition is actually working for you right from the start, even during the honeymoon period.

Your intuition starts picking up on incredibly subtle cues, such as facial expressions, actions, and inconsistencies between words and actions. if there is a difference in what your partner is showing or telling you and what the natural behaviors and tendencies are, your intuition will begin to sound alarm bells. This is when you need to reevaluate the relationship and have a “chat”, or, depending upon how severe the behavior, you may need to turn around and walk away.

The common problem that happens is that your emotions tend to get in the way, and when they are super-heightened, you effectively shut your intuition off and begin ignoring the signals that it is trying to give you. As time moves on, the intensity of the intuitive signal may get higher, or it will try and warn you in a different way in hopes of catching your attention, but if you don’t allow time to settle down the emotions and begin listening to the logical reasons why you should leave, you won’t, until the situation becomes so bad, that you are forced to leave.

What you need to do in any relationship is to listen to your intuition right from the start, and this starts by balancing your emotions with logic, a technique I elaborate on in my free course on tapping into your intuitive potential, which you can access here.

Remember that it takes two to tango, and if you are the only one dancing the right steps, why are you even dancing with that partner? Walk away, learn whatever lessons you can from that relationship, and spend your time finding the right person who is truly meant for you, rather than wasting your precious time staying in a relationship that is certainly headed towards a dead-end.

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