How many times have you ignored your intuition and made some VERY risky decisions?

We all have done this at various points in our lives, yet, we all seem to ignore intuition time and time again.

When I look back at those bad decisions I have made, I have been lucky in some situations where things had turned out okay, but there are other times when things REALLY took a bad dive.

The two most significant times in my life where I ignored my intuition was when I became penniless after losing all my life savings by taking a contract that I shouldn’t have, and the second time was when I failed to tell someone about some disturbing behavior from another person, who ended up following one of my close friends and had shot and killed her.

The question I was always asking was “Why?”

Why did I ignore my intuition, especially at those two times in my life when things went REALLY wrong, and what caused this to happen?

It turns out that your intuition has a number of different signals that change in type and intensity, depending upon the situation you find yourself in.

You may notice one particular signal, such as a feeling in the gut area, a voice that you hear or even the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, but these signals may not be the same ones that your intuition gives you. Because you only recognize the one signal, you may end up missing the ACTUAL signal intuition gives you.

What also happens is that after you ignore your intuition in the early stages, it starts giving louder and louder signals as you get deeper into a bad situation until you FINALLY listen to it.

But at that point, it could be too late.

When I began reflecting back on those situations when I ignored my intuition and writing down both the situation I was in and the intuitive signal that was initially given, I was able to be much more aware of the signals that intuition was giving me.

This was very important because the next time I had to make a decision, I had a better understanding of the different signals intuition was giving me, and I was then able to listen to my intuition right away, rather than ignoring it and going down a path I soon could be regretting.

My Intuitionology project was born to not only educate people, like yourself, on just how complex your intuition is, but it also gives you the advice, tools and techniques to recognize the intuitive signals that are unique to you, given the situation you find yourself in.

Each course comes with a worksheet so that you can reflect back to earlier situations and discover what the intuitive signals were, and when you go through these exercises, you will be much more aware of your unique intuitive signals, and this will help you make the right decisions in any situation you find yourself in.

All you have to do is take the first steps in doing so by signing up for my free Intuitive Fundamentals course that will help you discover your true intuitive potential so that you can stop ignoring your intuition to start living a life truly happy and fulfilled.

Nothing would make me happier than to see you succeed in your life, and the decision to start that journey is only one click away.

So start your journey now…I am sure your intuition is signalling you to do just that!


To your intuitive success,

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