How many times have you ignored your intuition and made some very BAD decisions?

One of the WORST decisions I made was when I ignored my intuition to put off meeting a friend for two days, who was looking for advice on how to get rid of someone who was stalking her.

She did show up two days later, but it wasn’t to meet me.

She showed up in the newspaper because, the next day, she was shot and killed by that same, stalker.

Even though I thought I could trust my intuition from that day forward, I made two MORE bad decisions, wasting three years of my life getting into a career for the wrong reasons, and losing all of my life savings to move to the US for a client who ended up not paying me.

In each of those situations, my intuition was telling me EXACTLY what the right decision was to make.

The question I started to ask was “Why?”

Why did I ignore my intuition, even though I knew what the right decision was to make.

It turns out that your intuition is very complex, and it behaves in a unique way for each person.

If you don’t understand how your particular intuition behaves, then you start to miss the different signals that it sends you, and THIS is when you start to make a series of bad decisions that put you in situations that you may regret.

What is really interesting about these signals is that they are unique to you, and they change when you are in different situations.

So, you may experience a gut feeling, which is a VERY common phrase that is used, but perhaps the ORIGINAL signal was a whisper or a feeling of anxiety starting.

And, when you start to ignore these signals, they start to get louder and louder until you cannot ignore them anymore.

So, to use the same example above, that “whisper” or hint of anxiety were signals that you ignored, making a couple of bad decisions, and THIS is when you get that gut feeling, that you now notice, that is telling you what the right decision is in the situation you are now facing.

After reflecting back on the situation where I ignored my intuition in meeting my friend who was shot and killed, I remember a “voice” telling me that I needed to meet her.

When making the wrong career decision, I was “looking” for that voice, but what I initially felt was a slight fogginess in my head, and as I continued to go down that path, that fogginess turned to an continued increasing sense of anxiety as I continued down that path.

So, I was paying attention to the wrong signals!

My Intuitionology project was born to not only educate people, like yourself, on just how complex your intuition is, but it also gives you the advice, tools and techniques to recognize the intuitive signals that are unique to you.

All you have to do is to start by writing down what intuitive signals you have when making decisions in the past, and look for patterns.

Once you know what your unique set of intuitive signals are, THIS is when you make the right decision at the right time in ANY situation that you find yourself in.

If you need help in understanding the complex nature of your intuition so that you never miss an intuitive signal again, take my free course that will help you become an expert in your intuitive capabilities, and start living a life full of happiness and satisfaction.

Don’t you think that you deserve it?


To your intuitive success,

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