Welcome to the Intuitive Fundamentals of Intuition for Women course, which Is going to take you down a path where you decipher the complex nature of your intuition, and you discover what your intuitive signals are that are unique to you, which is going to be crucial in the success of your managerial skills in your business.

Once you can do this, then this is when you will become an expert in your intuitive capabilities, and this is when you will be able to sense exactly what decision to take because you will be able to recognize what your intuition is telling you as to which decision you SHOULD be making in whatever situation you find yourself in when it comes to your managerial capabilities as well as your personal life.

Regarding the content in my courses, what you will notice is that I get right to the point when giving advice, as my philosophy is to not waste any time in anything I am involved with. So, the advice is short and sweet and is paired with a story of an interviewee who tells a personal story that showcases a particular aspect of the intuitive characteristic being highlighted.

I also include a worksheet for you to note down your personal experiences for two main reasons

The first reason is that your intuition is unique to you, and so the way that intuition “speaks” to you through its signals in a given situation is going to be VERY different for someone like me if I was in the exact same situation. For example, given a particularly dangerous situation, my intuition will have the hairs on the back of the neck stand up whereas you may be standing right beside me, and you may experience a strong buzzing in your stomach area.

The second reason is that there is SO MUCH research that shows that when you spend the time to write things down, you ACTUALLY boost your memory and the ability to retain and understand concepts. In fact, research has shown that you forget about 40% of any information after the first 24 hours, and 60% after 48 hours, and this gradually worsens over the next few days.

What this means is that you will spend your valuable time going over my advice and watching the intuitive experience of the featured interviewee, but after about a week, you are back to a stage where you are taking a chance on making the right decisions because you have not spent the time finding out what your unique intuitive signals are that are being triggered, and you start making bad decisions.

In the end, don’t you think it is important that you make the right decisions in whatever situation you find yourself in?

The choice is always yours!

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