Even though intuition affects you as a member of the management team as well as many of the areas your business experiences, there are four main areas where managers need to flex their intuitive muscles to ensure that they succeed in their roles.

The first area that entrepreneurs need to focus on is on the actual role of leadership. This is when you need to lead, which is a verb. Employees must be able to trust you and your vision. Your intuition will help you do this, and don’t forget that the intuition of the employees is also evaluating your true leadership skills.

The next area is in the human resources area where you need to hire people based on the established and believable corporate values while void of emotional decision making. This takes trust with your employees to yet another level as you need to hire those who will make sure that everyone succeeds, and your intuition is your best partner when helping you do this.

The third area is in leveraging your intuition to establish or mould the corporate culture that is going to help bring out the best in those you manage. This is where you need to make sure that you follow through with actions that are honorable and trustworthy and match the corporate values that you have set out to uphold.

The last area is in expanding your business. This is where you are directly or indirectly a part of a team ready to take the business to the next level. This involves ensuring that the direction chosen to expand to is the right one and has accounted for the hurdles the business may face, and this is where your intuitive capabilities need to be at the top of its game.

In each one of these stages, it is CRITICAL that you know how your intuition is behaving in each one of the four intuition quadrants, which you will discover in the Fundamentals of Intuition for Women course.

It is also absolutely CRUCIAL that you are able to decipher the intuitive signals that are important in each one of these stages, as faltering in one of these areas could stall the progress of your team, its productivity, and the overall business.

In the end, trusting your intuition is going to help you ensure that you are successful in your managerial capacity, ensuring that your contribution to the business’s success is a strong one.

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