When you look at the experiences you have gone through in life, each one of these is going to be unique.

When you are born, over 90 billion neurons are firing at over 200 times a second to soak up all of the experiences around you, and you begin to use each one of your senses to analyze and react to these situations.

Unless you have someone who is placed in the same position as your body and is using the same senses to react to the experiences around you at the same time of you, which is impossible, these experiences are going to be unique to you.

Even if you are born with a twin, your twin brother or sister will be sensing the environment in a completely different way than you.

That is why your intuition will react differently than others.

You may share the same type of intuitive reaction with others, but the situation may be different, which is what I had explained to you in the first email I sent to you.

The situation is no different with the intuitive signals in your business role. As a part of a management team, your experiences, both personal and professional, are going to be different than those of other management members.

I also hear many people talk about all having a gut feeling in a given situation, but this signal could be a later signal.

Remember that your intuitive signals start very subtle in nature, and they get louder as you ignore the initial subtle signals. So, the “gut feeling” that you sense could actually be the second or third intuitive signal, with the first possibly being a whisper, a very slight unease in your temple area of your head or perhaps the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, each of which you simply may not have noticed.

What happens is that as you ignore these subtle signals, they shift and they get louder because you have made a series of bad decisions that have brought you closer to a possibly uncomfortable situation. That gut feeling may be one of the last intuitive warning signs before a REALLY bad situation erupts, and this could spell disaster for the venture in which you have invested a lot of time and effort in.

This is why your intuition is unique in nature, and this is why it is SO important to educate yourself on what your unique intuitive signals are that will tip you off early before you make a series of bad decisions.

This is why completing the worksheets in this course is so important.

So…make sure you follow through in ensuring that you do the work to make sure you don’t waste any more time making bad managerial decisions.

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